SEBIACLEAR Crème SPF 50 is the high sun protection skincare treatment for combination to oily skin prone to blemishes. It moisturizes and mattifies all day long while preventing the marks and rebound effect associated with UV. Fine, oil-free, dry-touch emulsion. 

SEBIACLEAR is the new revolutionary range that helps to eliminate spots, blackheads and excess sebum. This excellent effectiveness is combined with optimal tolerance and incredible pleasure of use. Proven effectiveness after 7 days on blemishes.


- Gluconolactone (1%) + Salicylic acid : Purify and smooth the skin texture. It also has an anti-inflammatory action and incredible keratolytic power. As effective as AHAs with extra tolerance.

- 4% Niacinamide: Curbs the proliferation of bacteria and eliminates blemishes and antibacterial and sebum-regulating effect.

- Mat SR (2%): Mattifies, normalizes sebum production

- UVA/UVB filters: Protect and prevent marks and dark spots associated with UV.

Sensitive combination to oily skin. Tested on sensitive and acne-prone skin, with no allergens.


Before exposing the skin to sunlight, apply evenly to the face. Re-apply regularly.

Size: 50ml Tube.

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