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Thymuskin®Structure Styling Gel

R 1,145.00

Thymuskin® Structure Styling Gel

Healthy and well-groomed hair need strong growth, moisture, and high-quality care ingredients. Thymuskin Structure Styling Gel provides high-maintenance hair with structure and natural body. It is a 2-in-1 styling gel and rich leave-in hair care. The additional ingredient complex penetrates and strengthens the hair from within. Film-forming effects take care of the hair surface. This way the hair is protected and becomes stronger and smoother. The hair is more resistant to combing-damage.

• Combines natural hold with strengthening hair care
• Gives hair structure and body
• Lends shine and smoothness
• For normal, thinning & damaged hair


  •  On dry or slightly damp hair
  •  As required and depending on hair length, apply gel into the hair and allow  to dry briefly
  •  If the gel is applied into the still slightly damp hair, it will develop a   protective effect for hair blow-drying
  •  The new Thymuskin Structure Styling Gel is leave-in hair care, do not rinse

Active Ingredients:

  • GKL-02 - a Bovine-free mimicry of the natural thymic peptide total extract
  • Panthenol 

Size: 100ml