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The Luster Glo 3 Step Process To Treat Pigmentation

Step 1: Oral Home Care

Ultimate Collagen Formulation for Pigmentation Enhanced Glutathione Capsules

For mild to moderate pigmentation: either one of the two products can be initiated and used for maintenance.

For moderate to severe pigmentation: An Ultimate Collagen sachet in the morning, supplemented with the capsules in the evening for a period of at least 3 months or when pigmentation starts lifting, can then be reduced to collagen only.

Step 2: Treatments at Aesthetica White Lies

Luster Glo Pigmentation peel with glutathione

  • A salicylic acid based medium peel with added glutathione
  • No downtime
  • Addresses pigmentation and prevents post-inflammatory pigmentation
  • Can be done every two weeks, and coupled with derma planing and micro-needling

Luster Glo Microneedling with glutathione

  • An anti-inflammatory formulation for pigmentation and collagen induction treatment
  • Can be done every 4 weeks and coupled with a Luster Glo Pigmentation Peel for enhanced results

Step 3: Serum Home Care

Luster Glo Pigmentation serum with glutathione

A potent topical treatment for pigmentation which can significantly enhance the effects of steps 1 & 2 but is often used in combination with step 1.